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Our Information

Principal Burnside
Liberty Elementary School
140 West 6100 South
Murray, UT 84107
Phone - 801.264.7424
Fax - 801.264.7449

School Directory



Email / Website

Jill Burnside Principal jburnside@murrayschools.org
Karen Peterson Secretary kwpeterson@murrayschools.org
Shawn Johnson School Psychologist sjohnson@murrayschools.org
Kristin Loulias Literacy Specialist kloulias@murrayschools.org
Keri Hohnholt Title 1 khohnholt@murrayschools.org
Alysia McIntosh Kindergarten amcintosh@murrayschools.org
Casey Westenskow Kindergarten cgwestenskow@murrayschools.org
Melissa Keating First Grade mkeating@murrayschools.org
Maddison Wardle First Grade mwardle@murrayschools.org
Lawren Whipple First Grade lwhipple@murrayschools.org
Kristen Flower Second Grade kflower@murrayschools.org
Laura Maxfield Second Grade lmaxfield@murrayschools.org
Kaylie McBeth Third Grade kmcbeth@murrayschools.org
Vanessa Wight Third Grade vrouth@murrayschools.org
Amy Koehler Fourth Grade akoehler@murrayschools.org
Toni Wilkins Fourth Grade twilkins@murrayschools.org
Mrs. Wilkins Classtag
Ellie Ferrero Fifth Grade eferrero@murrayschools.org
Ronda Kessler Fifth Grade rkessler@murrayschools.org
Shalice Benedum Sixth Grade sbenedum@murrayschools.org
Claire Meier Sixth Grade cmeier@murrayschools.org
Holly Chappell Special Education hchappell@murrayschools.org
Jill Arnold Speech jarnold@murrayschools.org
Adam Addley Art Teacher aaddley@murrayschools.org
Wendy Arnold Music warnold@murrayschools.org
Emilee Barnett Library ebarnett@murrayschools.org
Laurie Martinez Computers lmartinez@murrayschools.org
Nicole Wintch P.E. nwintch@murrayschools.org
Thayn Burnett Custodian tburnett@murrayschools.org

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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