Where: Liberty Library, 3:45 PM

Community Council Meetings are held six times throughout the year. All parents and community members are welcome to attend.  Meetings will be held in person.

Serving on our School Community Council is a wonderful way for parents and teachers to contribute and help improve academic performance at our school. The school receives an annual dividend from the School Trust Lands. Click this link to see how much money our school expects to see receive this year. Our council decides how these funds will be used. The council also reviews and prepares other academic and safety plans for our students each year. All plans are reviewed for final approval by our school board. Councils also act in an advisory capacity to the school and district administrators. All parents are welcome to attend our meetings and give input, although only those who are on the council may vote how the money is spent. Click to view rules and procedures of School Community Council meetings. All meeting agendas will be posted on the web page one week prior to the meeting. Minutes will be posted within a week of the meeting. Minutes and agendas can be found by clicking directly on the date of the meeting.  For a report of  how expenses were spent for the 2020-2021 year, please click here.

Council Members

         Jill Burnside – Principal
T:  801-264-7424

Haley Binggeli (2021-2023)-Parent Representative (CHAIR)
T:  801-651-3831
E: haleyqbinggeli@gmail.com

Ashley Bond (2021-2023)-Parent Representative
T: (801) 824-0571
E: ashleybond001@gmail.com

Lesly Iverson (2021-2023)-Parent Representative
T:  801-946-0519
E: lesly.iverson@gmail.com

Missy Rose (2021-2023)-Parent Representative (VICE-CHAIR)
T:  435-531-9695
E: annmarmissy@gmail.com

Bassel Timani (2021-2023)-Parent Representative
T:  801-657-8119
E:  bassel.timani@gmail.com

Lindsay Wilcox (2020-2022)-Parent Representative
T:  801-946-0519

Sheri Biel (2020-2022)-School Representative
T:  801-264-7424
E: sbiel@murrayschools.org

Aimee Ballard (2021-2023)-School Representative
T:  801-264-7424
E: aballard@murrayschools.org


Council Archives:

2020-2021                     2019-2020                            2018-2019

All other past minutes and school plans are located in the school office and available for review.