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We use Remind to send out text notifications to parents and students. We invite you to join at no cost.

Email notifications: send an email to
Text notifications: text @k648k to 81010

Our Information

Principal Burnside
Liberty Elementary School
140 West 6100 South
Murray, UT 84107
Phone - 801.264.7424
Fax - 801.264.7449

Welcome Back

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I would like to welcome each of you to the start of what is sure to be a fantastic year at Liberty Elementary!  I am very excited for another year here and I look forward to working together with you in the education of your child.  This year should be the “Best in the West”.

There has been lots of planning and preparation in order to get reading for this school year and I can assure you that the staff of Liberty Elementary is committed to providing an excellent academic and nurturing environment for your child.  We are off to a great start and your support of the school is truly appreciated!

Because so many things come home on the 1st day of school, we will be sending home a packet of information with each family at back to school night.  I would like to highlight a couple of important points:

  • This year we will be serving an optional breakfast starting at 8:20 to ALL students for free. Students will eat breakfast in their classroom.  Those students who choose not to eat breakfast will have an alternative activity.
  • At the beginning of each month I will both email and send home a calendar highlighting the monthly events happening here at Liberty. We will also be sending text or email reminders through Remind as these events happen.  We highly encourage you to download the app if you have yet downloaded it.  Teachers will also be using Remind to communicate regularly with you.
  • We also have a private Facebook group. If you are not a member, please search for us “Liberty Leopards Families”.
  • This year in the folder coming home at back to school night, I have included a calendar of events already planned for the year for your planning convenience.
  • We have applications in the office for free/reduced lunch. Please stop by the office and fill one out if you can benefit from this.  Each year you must reapply.
  • Please remember that all important information including lunch menus, community council meetings, and the latest events can be found on our school webpage:
  • Please make sure you follow our drop-off and pick-up procedures when using the drop-off zone. We want to make sure all students are safe!
  • Please make sure to register your child online if you have not yet done so. Your child will not be able to use the computers until you do so.
  • We will be having a reunification drill on Friday, September 21st at 2:00.  All students must be checked out by an adult.  Look for more information in your back to school folder and for information to come home in the coming weeks.

This year we will be having Back to School Night on Wednesday, August 22nd beginning at 6:30 pm.  We hope you can join us for an hour where lots of important information will be shared.  I highly encourage you to make this a priority.  If there is ever anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to call or drop by the office.



Jill Burnside


School Closed Monday, August 13

Attention Parents:

Liberty Elementary will be closed on Monday, August 13 from 7:30 AM-3:30 PM.

All school personnel will be participating in district and school-wide training.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.  We will resume normal hours on Tuesday at 8:00 AM.

2018-2019 Registration


It is now time to register for this upcoming school year. EVERY student must register each year. Please make sure you have 2-3 emergency contacts and that you have updated both addresses and phone numbers. If your child takes any medications at school, don’t forget to have your family doctor sign a medical release. This must be updated yearly as well. Click link below to take you to Murray School District’s registration page:

Registration Materials

Once you have registered, we will post your child’s teacher in Aspire no later than August 15th. School begins for all students on August 21st.

New this year- we will be serving breakfast free to all students. Students will pick up their breakfast and eat their breakfast in their classrooms. Our new bell schedule will be as follows:

8:20 Breakfast Bell

8:30 Hallway Bell (Students will be excused with their breakfasts and allowed to exit the lunchroom)

8:35 Classroom Bell (Those who choose not eat a breakfast enter the building closest to their classroom)

School will still be dismissed at 3:15

Supply Lists for 2018-19

As Back to School sales start, here are supply lists for each grade.  These lists are provided as suggested donations.  Click on the link to print.  Back to School Night will be on the evening of Wednesday, August 22nd starting at 6:30 PM.


The First Day of School Begins on Monday August 20th for all students. The first bell rings at 8:35. This includes kindergarten! We hope you enjoy your summer and can’t wait to see you again in August!

Thank you for supporting our Fun Run!!


With your help and with the help of our sponsors, we were able to raise $15,029 for our school! This is our most successful fundraiser ever! This amount of money will completely fund 2 classrooms with Chromebooks! Thank you so much! If you have the option, please support these businesses who were very generous to our school!

Reunification Drill- April 25th Guidelines



Purpose: To assist the school, parents, students and community responders in practicing and evaluating the best way to conduct a full school, off-site evacuation, and parent reunification, in case of incident (natural disaster, building safety issue, violence).

Participants: Liberty school staff, Liberty students, Liberty parents, Murray City Police.

Plan Ahead: Please have students leave bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. home on the day of the drill. The students will not be able to take them to the

    Heritage Center

during the drill. We encourage you to participate in our drill by picking up your child at the assigned time. It is valuable for all of us to have and practice an emergency plan. Lastly, please talk to your child(ren) about this drill, and it’s purpose, to prepare them for what will take place; especially those that may struggle with transitions, change, or the unknown.


  1. At 1:50 on Wednesday, April 25th, teachers will walk their classes east on 6100 South, to the Heritage Center located at 10 E 6150 S.

      Students will not be available for parents to “check out” during the time they are walking to the Heritage Center and until they are settled in their Color Zones.

    Teachers will take their classes to the zones that will be designated near the building. Parents will pick up their children from an area located near the street. Runners and walkie talkies will be used to collect and reunite children.

  2. **Parents will come to the Heritage Center no earlier than 2:15 pm to pick up their child/children. Students will not be released until we are sure all students have been accounted for and are at the Heritage Center. PLEASE bring photo ID, it will be required. Parking will be extremely limited, we encourage you to walk if you live nearby.

  3. *Please come at the follow time based on neighborhoods:

    • Green Zone- 2:15
    • 5300 S. to 5900 S., State St. to 300 W. includes ALL houses on 5900 South

    • Red Zone- 2:30
    • Any houses between 5900 S. and Winchester- State St. to 300 W.

    • Black Zone- 2:40
    • Winchester (includes Winchester) to 6900 S. – State St. to 300 W.

    • Purple- 2:50
    • All houses in boundaries WEST of 300 W. and zip codes on special permit 84107, 84123, and 84047

    • Blue- 3:00
    • All special permits with zip codes other than 84107, 84123, or 84047

      • Students with siblings will be grouped together and expected to wait together. Older siblings should look for younger siblings.

      • Daycare busses and School busses will NOT be provided on this day. In the event of a real emergency, these busses would not be at the school. Please treat this drill as a real emergency. It is critical you have your emergency contacts up to date and you make prior arrangements to pick up your child if needed. We realize this may be an inconvenience, but also feel strongly that your child’s safety is important.

      • Be prepared to show your photo ID. Teachers will be set up at tables checking photo ID prior to releasing any student.

          If you are picking up students other than your own, please be sure that their parent has contacted the school and has you listed as an approved emergency contact.
        • You can update your emergency contact information online at or by calling the school office at 801-264-7424 by April 20th. We need adequate time to prepare our records.

      • Please leave as soon as you get your children to help reduce congestion at the Heritage Center.
      • It is anticipated that we will not have enough time to release all students before the 3:15 end of school day. It is possible that you may end up standing in line and not get your child before the end.

        We apologize for this inconvenience, but appreciate the opportunity to practice. In the case of a real emergency, parents will not have prior notice and will arrive in a more staggered fashion, perhaps over the course of several hours. The drill is an opportunity for us to learn what works and what doesn’t.

      • Please call the main office if you have any questions beforehand at 801-264-7424.


  • This is a learning opportunity for the school and community. It will be somewhat chaotic, mistakes will be made, and some people will feel frustrated.
      We ask for your patient cooperation and your very best example for our students of how to act and react in a stressful situation.
  • We appreciate your support and welcome your feedback after the Mock Evacuation/Reunification Drill. You may call, email, or visit to share your ideas and concerns.
  • We appreciate you taking the time to determine your family plan for the day and working within the guidelines we’ve set above. Ultimately, we will all end up with a better understanding of how we’d do things for ourselves and our families in the case of a real emergency. Hopefully we’ll all feel more comfortable with the plans the school and each family has in place. Thanks for your support!

Reunification Map Heritage Center

Heritage center Reunification Map

Inclement Weather Guidelines and Procedures

Inclement Weather & Indoor Recess

Murray City School District

Department of Personnel and Student Services Administrative Guidelines & Procedures

Organized sports, recreational activities and recess all contribute to the health and development of our students and should be encouraged and scheduled into the daily routines of all of our schools. Weather conditions need to be considered throughout the school day when students engage in outdoor activities. This is particularly true where our elementary students are concerned.

Rain and Wind

Rain and wind are frequent weather occurrences. Depending on the severity of the rain and/or wind (taking into consideration ambient air temperature, health and safety factors), elementary principals or designees will determine whether students should participate in recess or other outdoor activities.

Air Quality

It is recognized that poor air quality can have an adverse effect on the health of students. When the Air Quality Index is 100 (below 35.4ppm) or lower all students could go outdoors. (35.5-55.4ppm) students with respiratory symptoms and sensitive students stay indoors. When the Air Quality Index reaches over 151 (over 55.4ppm) all students should remain indoors. Principals will exercise discretion when declaring an indoor day within 5-10PM.

Winter Weather

During winter months, elementary students must be reminded frequently to come to school dressed for the elements and to be prepared for outdoor recess. On a few occasions, the ambient temperature or the wind chill temperature will dip low enough that outdoor activities would be unwise.

Any time during the school day that the ambient air temperature or wind chill temperature is 15⁰ Fahrenheit (− 9.4⁰ Celsius), or colder, elementary students should be indoors. Any time during the school day that the ambient air temperature or wind chill temperature is between 15⁰ Fahrenheit and 20⁰ Fahrenheit (− 6.7⁰ Celsius), elementary principals or designees will determine whether students should participate in recess or other outdoor activities. Among the weather elements to be considered in this decision would be precipitation, wind, and the condition of playground surfaces and equipment (snow and ice). Additionally, under Board Policy PS 419, at 20⁰ Fahrenheit or colder, elementary and secondary principals or designees should ensure that the doors to the school are open 30 minutes prior to school start time or the arrival of the first bus, if applicable.

For purposes of these administrative guidelines and procedures, the District uses the temperature, humidity, wind speed, other weather indicators, and air quality information reported by local news outlets, on-site weather stations, The Weather Channel, and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

*The web site for The Weather Channel is The zip code setting is 84107.

*Websites for air quality are and

It is the responsibility of the elementary principal or designee to monitor the weather and air quality on a daily basis for their school. In the event that the ambient air temperature or wind chill temperature is below 15 degrees Fahrenheit the district will declare a mandatory in-day for all students. In the event that the Air Quality Index reaches 176 – 300 the district will declare a mandatory in-day for all students.

A message from MCSD Superintendent Covington:

Dear Parents,

Recent national school-related tragedies have resulted in many school districts in Utah, including right here in Murray, experiencing an increase in students making phony threats or joking about violence at school. While the intent may be made to tease or for fun, these threats are anything but funny. All threats of violence are taken seriously and investigated by police and school officials, even off-hand comments that appear as “obvious’ jokes”. Those who make threats, even as a joke, may receive school and district level discipline in addition to the very real possibility of criminal charges that will follow them for life.

Please take this opportunity to remind your children that making light of serious matters will bring severe consequences. Although they may think their comment or social media post will only be seen by their close friends, their actions can cause a chain reaction that will quickly move beyond their control. We strongly encourage all parents to be vigilant in monitoring their child’s online behavior. Most of the incidents that have led to students landing in serious trouble were tied to a social media post or some other online comment. Many of them raise concerns about bullying behavior, which is also taken very seriously in the Murray City School District.

Resources such as the SafeUT app and your own school administrators continue as excellent options for reporting unsafe or suspicious behavior, and we encourage everyone to be observant and mindful of anything that looks suspicious.
Remember: If you See Something … Say Something!

We must work together in our homes and community to support the efforts of our schools to educate your children in a safe environment.

Thank you for your help and support in keeping your students safe.


Jennifer Covington
Superintendent, Murray City School District

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences sign up information

Please click on your child’s teacher’s name and sign up for an appointment for parent teacher conferences. Conferences will be held both Wednesday, February 28th and Thursday March 1st. There will NO school for morning and afternoon kindergarten on March 1st and NO SCHOOL for all students on March 2nd. Sign-ups will be available until February 21st. Instructions on how to access the website can be located PTC sign up information

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Mrs. Maxfield
Mrs. Flower
Mrs. Kessler
Miss Whipple
Mrs. Wight
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Mrs. Koehler
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