It was so fun to have everyone back at school and to have kindergarten join us!

Please remember our regular school hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri,
Wed: 8:30-1:15

1/2 Day Kindergarten
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.:
Wed: 8:30-10:35.

School Shirts:
Our school shirts have arrived!  We are so excited that last year’s fundraiser did well enough to purchase every student a school shirt! We would love everyone to wear their shirt on Fridays! Let’s show our Leopard Pride!  Any class that has 100% participation gets a prize and extra Golden ticket!

September 2 Assembly
Thursday, Just Jumping, a professional double Dutch jump rope team will be coming to our school to showcase their jumping skills. After the assembly we have paid extra for grades 2-6 to learn jump rope skills from the team. They will also sell high quality jump ropes for students to practice at home. These jump ropes will only be sold September 2 while the team is at school.

Lost and Found
Each year, we take hundreds of unclaimed lost and found items to Goodwill. This year the lost and found will be handled differently with lost items located by the front doors.  If your student is missing anything, please come check it out.  On the last day of each month everything remaining will be donated.  Currently we have 2 girls jackets, one is a clear rain jacket and another is a pink fleece jacket.  Come claim them by the end of the month!

Being Prepared For School Everyday
Please help your child come to school prepared:  Please make sure of the following:

  • Bring a water bottle with their name clearly marked
  • Chromebook fully charged
  • Chromebook is secure in the case
  • Arrive to school on time

COVID Procedures
As a reminder, I (Mrs. Burnside) am the contact person if anyone in your family has COVID. Please contact me by email,, Parentsquare, or by calling the school.

Pick up and Drop Off
Our new marquees are up and running!  The back marquee has the pick-up and drop off rules.  This past week there were three school accidents in Murray.  Following the rules keep everyone safe!

There will be no school Monday, September 6 for Labor Day.  Enjoy the day off!

Thanks for all your support!
Mrs. Burnside

 Weekend Food Backpacks, Operation School Bell and Shoes That Fit

Sometimes we all could use some help. Liberty participates in three programs to help our families that need a little support.  Participation last year does NOT automatically enroll for this year!  Please email if you’d like to registered for any of the following programs:

  • Weekend Food Backpacks:  Kids Eat program provides backpacks for students to take home on Friday.  The backpacks have shelf stable food that most children like and can prepare themselves.
  • Shoes that Fit:  Provides new shoes to school age children.
  • Operation School Bell:  Provides a new winter coat, as well as a pair of pants and shirt to elementary school age children.

Cyndi Ralston
School Social Worker

PTA News

Wednesday is our PTA meeting.  We would love for everyone to join us!  It starts at 8:45 a.m. or you can  join via Zoom.  The Zoom link can be found on MemberHub.  Don’t forget that anytime you come into the school you need to be checking into the office and getting a visitor badge.

Please join the PTA Member Hub.  This is the PTA platform where you can sign up for PTA, donate, volunteer, fundraise, join monthly PTA meetings and send emails.

Please keep working  the Kindness Calendar!  When the month is complete, the student may turn the calendar into the office to receive a prize, get recognized at a rally in October, and have their name on a bulletin board.

Liberty’s carnival is coming up on 9/13.  This year there will be a Virtual Silent Auction.  If you have any donations please contact Lindsay Kaeding at