Principal’s Message

Thank you for a great first week of school! We are so excited to welcome kindergarten this week!

We start our normal schedule this week! School begins at 8:30 and ends at 3:15 except for Wednesday which dismisses at 1:15. Half day kindergarten dismisses at 11:35 everyday except Wednesday which dismisses at 10:35.

Water Bottles
To reduce touch points, our drinking fountains are turned off. We DO have water filling stations available. Please make sure your child is coming to school with a water bottle.

COVID Procedures
As a reminder, I (Mrs. Burnside) am the contact person if anyone in your family has COVID. Please contact me by email,, Parentsquare, or by calling the school.

Students in grades 1-6 will be issued a district Chromebook and case for the school year. Please bring your fully charged Chromebook to school each day in the provided case.

Checking In-/Out Students
Our attendance goal this year is for students to be on time and stay all day. We realize students get sick and want students to stay home when ill. When students are at school, we ask that parents get students to school on time. Students who arrive after 8:35 must enter the front doors using the doorbell and have a parent note. Doctor’s notes will excuse the tardy and will not count.

We ask parents not to check students out early. It’s a distraction to teachers and students when students are checked out early, in addition they miss important instruction time. In the case a student must leave early for a doctor’s appointment, please provide a doctor’s note the next school day.

When checking your student out, please call the school at 801-264-7424. Mrs. Peterson will check the phone number with the numbers on the emergency contacts. If it is recognized, the student will be called down and will be waiting for you. Please wait in the 10 minute only parking stalls. If the phone number is not recognized, we will check your ID once you arrive before releasing the student.

Community Council
We have 3 openings on our community council. It is a 2 year position that meets after school 5-6 times a year. Please submit your application by Friday if you are interested, or email Mrs. Burnside.

Pick up and Drop Off
Thank you for using our pick up and drop off lane! Please use the lane closest to the school for picking up and dropping off students, and the lane nearest the street as a drive through lane only.

If you are picking up across the street, DO NOT WALK THROUGH THE PICK UP AND DROP OFF LANE. Please use the crosswalk to pick up your child and cross at that point. We don’t want anyone hit, as we have already had a couple of close calls this week! Also, be considerate of those that live near the school and do not park in front of driveways. Thank you!

School Shirts
School shirts should be here this week! We would love for everyone to wear them on Fridays! Let’s show our Leopard Pride and school spirit!

This is going to be a great year!
Mrs. Burnside

Weekend Food Backpacks, Operation School Bell and Shoes That Fit

Everybody needs help sometimes. Liberty participates in three programs to help our families that may need a little support. If you participated in the programs last year you are not automatically enrolled in the program this year. Please email me if you’d like to registered for any of the following programs:

Weekend Food Backpacks: Kids Eat program provides backpacks for students to take home on Friday. The backpacks have shelf stable food that most children like and can prepare themselves.

Shoes that Fit: This company provides new shoes to school age children.

Operation School Bell: This local company provides a new winter coat, as well as a pair of pants and shirt to elementary school age children.

Take care,
Cyndi Ralston
School Social Worker

PTA News

This year the PTA is focusing on SERVICE. Mrs. Burnside spoke about the Kindness Calendar (attached file) in Friday’s rally. (She encouraged students to complete 15 services in the month of August/September. When the month is complete, the student may turn the calendar into the office to receive a prize, recognition at a rally in October, and their name on the bulletin board.

Liberty’s carnival is coming up on 9/13. This year there will be a Virtual Silent Auction. If you have any donations please contact Lindsay Kaeding at