Each year, we have dangerous situations occur while children are coming to or leaving school. Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon, a child was nearly hit in the pick-up zone. Please review the following points to help ensure the safety of all our students.

  • Students may ONLY be dropped off from the drop-off lane (must exit RIGHT side of car.)

  • Parents must pull forward as much as possible, stay in the car and pull to the drive-thru lane after the child exits the car.

  • Recommended speed for our school zone is 10-15 MPH. Parking lot speed limit is 5 MPH.

  • Students may NOT cross from the east side of the street even if accompanied by an adult (unless in the crosswalk.)

  • Parking is available in the front of the school if you want to park and wait before or after school.

  • ANY visitor wanting to enter the building MUST display a visitor badge or they will be asked to leave. See office for instructions.

  • After school, children should wait by the fence for their rides. Playing on the playgrounds is NOT allowed.

THANK YOU for reviewing and following these rules and expectations! Please be aware that they will be strictly enforced. The safety and well-being of our students is our number one priority!!